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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   i love you all!


hey guys! srry i haven't been up lately..school! gwh! ^^; anyways thankx for the 7 comments i know you guys didn't have time, i just like messing with you! ^^ but thankx anyways!

well lets see...oh last friday we won our game...and this friday(yesterday) we lost and bad....i thnk it was 6 to 31 or 36? i don't really remember! kinda sad...but we still go to the playoffs! whoo!

srry i haven't visited in a while i don't ever know how you did your page expect jadey's and heley's i go on there every now and then to chat ^^; anyways i will visit later this day...im sleepy right now! XD! oh my birthday is in NOVEMBER yayness! so i am going to change my theme to a birthday theme and count down to my bday....if i don't have enough time to do a actual post i will probably just put "DAYZ TIL MY BIRTHDAY!!" then i will put (remainer) days left! yay!"

so yea... i guess that it...time to find birthday themes! to photobucket and if you know where to get kute ones plz tell me!? see ya! and now time for a short and cute song and pixs! take care bye!

song of the day:

(give props to HELEY! for letting me listen to this song! yay! we played this song last year for band!)

pix of the day:
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(whoo! let's get drunk! ^^;)


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