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Tuesday, October 16, 2007



hey guys! thankx for the 3 comments?! its ok im happy! really! i guess its cuz i haven't visited and all...srry about that!!!!

well i just spend like...the almost whole day trying to find this song off Bleach and i just found it! yay! lol! oh that link you can get some Bleach ringtones without paying for it! all you need a a computer and your mobile and a memory card for your phone! if im wrong it has the directions there so yea. so easy right?! RIGHT! lol!

um...let's see today after i post this i will visit and comment yayness! so yea i hope a lot of you didn't update! man we have to go back to school tomorrow...i need a vacation from school...gwh!

well i guess that's all for now...um...take care and see ya!!!!

song of the day:


pix of the day:
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(awesomeness again! look at orihime!)

OH!! speaking of her! i found this song...i thnk she's like rapping or something?! i don't know but i like it! here's the link if you want to hear.


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