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Saturday, October 13, 2007

   hello all! im back for now...lol!


hi all! thankx for the 8 comments last time i posted! yay! lol! well hopefully i can visit some of you today....hopefully! i have to cut my nails. It's getting hard to type in them! ok! all better now!

well as you can see i change my theme! you all liked pucca so much i changed it! yay! its not as good as my mario one and its cuz heley did that for me! i wish i had a more up to date computer! darn you windows 98!

so yea...oh let me tell you about our football games....we lost last night by one point! they cheated too! darn you tigers! oh and also at our band contest we got a two...almost a three! and last year we had a 1 2 1 ....and this year we got a 2 3 2 .....kinda sux and out drum major got a three! that's bull! it got me mad when these gurls were like saying i hope she says something to me so i can go off on her...gwh!

anyways...enough of that...um...so how was yout week? i hope superly awesome! lol! well take care all!!!!

song of the day:

(i luv and hate this song at the same time!! i haven't heard it in a while!)

pix of the day:
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(aww..! so sad and beautiful at the same time!)

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(luv ya all!)

see ya!

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