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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

   heya all!



hey! thankx all for the wonderful ten comments! whoo! if i get ten more it will be a record of having ten comments for 3 straight post! whoo! lol! but thankx anyways!

well right now i am at school...in 4th period acutally....typing class...though i allready know how to type...i thought it was going to be an easy class.....sadly its no! my friend is reading this right now...she's weird...KIWI!!! lol! but yea...hopefully i can visit a couple of ppl here...maybe!

well thankx for answering my question you are so sweet! yay! do you want to see a up to date pic of me? oh if you have more themes you want to know tell me and i shall put it on the poll kay?! yay! lol! i am so weird i swear!

anyways so what's being going on myotaku? i sure do miss updating every day like i use too...oh i finally put my hair up today! whee! i always have it down that's why i say whee! but hopefully i can put up a pic soon! yay! lol!

well i guess that is all..um...no song and pic of the day...cuz the school's internet sux...and also it doesn't allow us to go on imeem or photobucket..maybe later kay!? well laters! oh i finally know how to do the pop up window and the when you go back it does that kewl fade thingy....lol! just go to my cousin's site if you want to know what i mean kay!?

well i guess this is good bye! boo hoo!


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