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Saturday, September 8, 2007



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hey all!! how are you! thankx for the wonderful ten comments! and again srry i didn't comment or post for like 2 weeks...i know i said i was going to post like on the weekend but football season started and im like on the band and we go to them.

We won the last two games! WHOO! hope we win every game! oh we go to Quitman next friday! whoo! and supposely that's really far away! yay! i luv away games!!! \m/>.<\m/! oh we're the PANTERS...just in case your were wondering

kay let me ask you a question...lets say you see your ex boyfriend (who you do not like anymore!!) and he's with a another girl....is it allright to get jealous? and same thing goes for any boys reads this...but ya know the other way round?

oh give me an theme! i can't decide so...so far i have...PUCCA,INUYASHA,and NEGIMA so yea?????

lol! well i hope yall had a wonderful saturday! and hopefully i will get to your sites! kay! bye!

song of the day:

(spanish song...its about when i see you...i want to talk to you...but you don't even pay attention...kinda what i feel right now!)

pix of the day:


(aww...so sweet and mean!)


well ciao!

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