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Saturday, August 25, 2007



hello all! wow thankx for the 9 coments i didn't expect so much since i updated late...but thankx anywayz! wow two dayz in a row! oh i will only update on fridayz,saturdayz, and sundayz if i get the chance kay? awesome!

well i just woke up! and it 2 pm here in mississippi...yay! sry i didn't get to visit yesterday but i will today! kay! oh and that poll...only Angel Zakuro put a theme up..pucca! lol! that's cute! i will put up a poll but give me more kay?

so how was your yesterday? i hope awesome! oh glad yall like the pix yesterday...i can't listen to the music...my bro. forgot to put in the speakers when he was cleaning the computer up...Ill tell my daddy about that later..

well that's all! i will comment and visit today! but first i have to eat! im hungry! well laterz!

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well that's all! i will visit today! BYEZ!

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