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Friday, August 24, 2007

heya! im back for the weekend!


HI!!!^^ so srry about not comeing on and visiting sites and all...coach brown gives out to much homework! meanie! anyways thankx for the 11 comments i got from mt last post which felt i wrote like a THOUSAND years ago...lol! but thankx all!

well school is ruff...(lol) right now...omigosh! i can't believe it but some chain letters acutally works! which is pretty awesome! anyways...have you started school yet? what grade are you in? i want to know! it feels like i haven't talk you in ages!!! and i will write everybody back today...i thnk some ppl deleted me from there friends list...and srry about that! :(

we have our first away game next friday...and we play FOREST! that's our enemy town! whoo! lol! oh and if you live in mississippi and your from forest...see ya there! lol! well i thnk that is all for now...well see ya! oh and what do u thnk i should do my next theme on? give me some themes kay? and i will put it in a poll! BYEZ!

song of the day:


pix of the day:
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(fruits basket is pretty awesome!)

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(so cute!)

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(aww!! love rules! doesn't go for me but still....LOL!)

bye yall...and i will try to visit!

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