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Friday, August 10, 2007

   IM BACK! (from school)


hello all! did you miss me! well i just wrote my entire post....and it got delete...so im just going to write it all again......boo hoo! but anyways! thankx for the 14 comments! yayness! i didn't have a big nervous breakdown just a tiny one! but its all good! im srry i haven't visited in a while and so srry i have thought about yall!

um...lets see what else did i say..oh! school is a drag...high school that is...i didn't go on the first day for two reasons...its because i didn't have my uniforms and i had to go to a doctors appointment with my sister...so yea...i was so scared that i wasn't going to find my classses but HELEY! help on that so thanks heley! and also my cuz jade of course she needed help too but still...^^ ok...lets see what elses i said...oh my poem thngy!

its about heley and her emo kid!(AKA HER BABY!) kay here it goes!!

I only live knowing you love me.
The way you look at me.
I wish I could see you everyday...you call everyday buts is not the same.
I wish I could hug you, kiss you, and just hold you in my arms.
I think about you all the time. I even dream about you.
I love you so much it hurts to be apart.
What is this pull you have on me.
Your my lil emo kid and I love you.

well that's it...i have another one but that's for another day! what else....oh maybe today i can visit you and comment! HOPEFULLY! well that's all! take care!!

song of the day:

(i haven't heard this song in so long! daughter to father!)

pix of the day:
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(i luv NEGIMA!

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well that's all thke care bye!

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