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Saturday, August 4, 2007



hello all! thankx so much for the 20 comments! yay! and im srry i couldn't visit and all i was super busy last week and all...and the title....on tuesday the ppl in morton,mississippi have to go back to school!!! aka the title! THE HORROR! lol srry about that.

i don't want to go back to school yet! and see all those idiots again....there are some ppl that just gets on my nerves and i don't want to see them yet...gwh...well the good thing about that i won't be alone! my cuz jadey and my sister are going to be there too! so yay! lol! but still im going to be a freshman and yea...sux!

anyways i thnk im going to have a nervous breakdown like on monday nite...i almost had one yesterday nite...i always have a nervous breakdown before school so no biggie! so do you start school soon? oh and the bad thing about school on tuesday we weat uniforms and it just sux! do u wear uniforms?

right now my screen is like purple? but i can still go to your sites but for some strange reason i can't really comment that much then it just freezes up...stupid windows 98...yes 98...doesn't that just sux?!

enough rant! well i guess that is all....um...i hope i get to visit you all with out any trouble...take care!

song of the day:

(me and my sister saw spice world yesterday and i just singing it now! lol!)

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(back in the day)

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(pika! lol!)

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