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Monday, July 23, 2007

   im so srry!!


hello all! thankx for the 15 comments yay!well aboout my title i didn't get to visit everybody....well only like 5 of you...im so srry!

its that im stuck on this level on mario and luigi superstar saga....stupid metal rock thng...lol! and plus my bro wouldn't let me on his computer...cuz his is way kewler! lol! but srry again! and you still visit me! aw...i can feel the love! *huggles*

um...well a lot of you never heard of the FUNimation channel expect PinkChii009 she said she has.....ENVY! i want it! so badly! well kinda have it....but it only comes on for a while and it goes away...and i don't know when it comes on....if you have dish...its on channel 9407 (well at least that where mine is! ^^) and i need to go on the CoLours website to see the list or whatever....but yea...i can't seem to find the website! boo hoo! and they show utena and like baki the grappler and other anime like CASE CLOSED! that was a suspenseful show! that was the only anime my sister watch...so yea... enough ranting joselyn!!

so how was your yesterday's and today's day? i hope great! hopefully i would get up early to visit and eat my breakfast...

glad you all like my pixs...i like the watch one and the dreams too! lol! yaoi is awesome! lol! well i guess that is all for now...lol! and i hope to visit! take care all!

song of the day:

(i so luv this song!)

pix of the day:
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(very terrifying!)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(lol! kagome checking out his butt!)

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(oh this is what they do in mario and luigi superstar saga when they go into battle! so funny!)

take care all!


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