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Sunday, July 22, 2007

   can you forgive me?


hello all! im so srry for not posting and commenting and everything...plz forgive! oh thankx for the twenty comments! i thnk that is the highest ever....so that's prett kewl! forgive me again! *bows down so much too much blood in my head* wow i feel dizzy! *faints* ::2 hrs later::

what...oh! well i have to delete all the ppl who didn't write me back...oh! today is a bad day...*sniffles* harvery birdman......is.....no more.......sunday (today) is the last episode....i shall miss you harvery! so sad!

oh well! they are going to do it all over like in august or something? lol! oh hey! what like tv channels thngy do u have? dish? directv? cable? and do you have the FUNimation Channel? and if you do is it true it shows anime all day?!

well PLZ ANSWER THAT KAY! hopefully i will visit everybody today....monday is band camp for heley....mwhahahah! i don't got to go....got to take care of my older sis....kinda backwards right? well i guess that is all laters!

1)do you like the song or do you want me to do song of the day again? *curious*

song of the day:
do you want it?

pix of the day:(two)
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(do you see that??)

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(LOL!!! that's so funny!)

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(it seriously is.........yay!)

bye all!!!


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