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Monday, July 16, 2007

   ya like?


hello all!! thankx so much for the 15 comments! yay!!! i feel the love! and some of you like my new theme...(thankx heley!!) yoshi is the kewlest! lol! but thankx!!

well today is boring....i have nothing to do...oh im not going to band camp cuz i have to take care of my sis...im the only one who knows how to put on the brace...isn't that sad....and plus its going to be hot and probably gonna get burnt....plus i need a tan....but oh well! maybe ill pop by or something? (srry heley!)

um....oh i did send everybody a message yesterday...so i need to check them...last time i check i had like 64....,big>wow!
so yea...ill check on that later...i have to visit every body today....so yea...um i guess that's it...oh question!!

when u go to sleep, do you always have dreams...and can u remember them?

well laters! bye!!

song of the day:
do u still want it?

pix of the day:(two)
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(super gangsta mario!)

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(super gangsta luigi!)

take care and i shall visit later kay!


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