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Friday, July 13, 2007

   im so srry for not posting and visiting you!


hello all! thankx so much for the 13 comments i got last time i posted! wow you realy care!! and thankx! you all liked my peom thngy!

well for you who haven't heard from heley if you didn't go to her site....my sis got into a car accident....the impala is totaled! but lucky my sister and her friend only got hurt a bit! my sis only got out with a factured(sp?) pelvis(sp?) and a bruised spine....and her friend her leg got broken....and she's going back to the doctor to check on it....but my sis is ok and im so glad!!!

well as far as i know...im not in band....or i thnk im not...i haven't gotten my letter yet...so? heley if you read this can you plz mr. vance if im in band!

well i realy don't got much to say...oh i wrote 2 more poems thngys...but i lost my notebook where i put them at?...gwh...im so like unorgnize(sp?) but hopefully i can find it!

so how has your summer been going? i hope awesome! i hope your spending it with friends family and not just stuck at the house like me....well expect for the last week or so....

well i guess this is where i say good bye....and take care! oh! my song and pix of the day! yay!! lol!!

song of the day:

(dun dun dundudndudnd udndd dudndud! lol!)

pix of the day:(two)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(mario done got high on mushrooms!)

hope u didn't get too bored...um....hope to visit you! oh! and im planning on doing my next theme on mario and luigi...if i get to find a good wallpaper! take care!


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