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Thursday, June 28, 2007

   hi peeps!


hi all! omgosh 12 comments again! yay! lol! oh im going to put up my peom thingy again cuz Going4Christ didn't get to see it kay! *smiles* but thankx for the 12 comments!

well srry i didn't get to anybody site yesterday...i went to sleep at 7 in the morning! yay! right now its 2:49 am and i got to sleep but first im going to see Bleach yay!

im bored...i just got done talking to my bro and sis...they went somewhere...this late right? o_e? lol! oh before i forget my 12 weird facts!

1)i thnk i have pretty eyes
2)i like to watch dora the explorer when im bored
3)i have no life...i stay home everyday!
4)i thnk im a emo prep..(lol)
5)i have strange friends...(ex. heley) (lol)
6)i don't like cheese but i do like cheese on my tacos and bugers?
7)i thnk i don't have enough weird facts!
8)i used to have a weird ear that smell bad...but they took it off! (yay)
9)Im kinda jealous of almost all my friends.
10)i thnk internet friends are kewler than my real friends!
11)i still have a crush on my ex boyfriend...kinda sad realy
12) (last but not least)I HAVE SUPER LONG HAIR! (lol)

well those are my 12 facts now to tag 12 ppl..mwhahahahaha! Heley,Angel Zakuro,Shred,Going4Christ,Hippie25,LoveMeLifeless,PinkChii009,windrygurl,Enternal Mini Moon,Jadey,BoReD4Lyfe9320,and Japanese Kitten mwhahahhaha!

so yea..12 facts and 12 tags...yay! lol! well i guess that is all..bleach is on..so i leave u with my song and pix of the day...farewell...oh! my peom thingy!

oh....can I ever say I didn't love you?
or say care about you?
I see you everyday at school or at work...
you always pretend nothng happen between us.
Though you know something did.
It breaks my heart seeing you with other girls.
I hate being apart from you.
I didn't see you for weeks or talk to you.
I thought of you daily but your image was fading..
I thought i got over you but then I saw you...
why did you taunt me like that?
I thought we has something special but guess not.
I couldn't care less what you do now!
Because I got other boys, and you got other girls
So I guess this is where we go out separate ways..
and say good bye...but will you remember everything?
I will....

take care!

song of the day:

(its so cute!)

pix of the day:
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(so kewl!)

take care and i shall visit ater i wake up?! LOL! byez!


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