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Sunday, June 24, 2007



hiya! well its 3:03 in the morning again! LOL! i think i might just post this early so i won't forget! LOL! well thankx for the 9 comments! yay! oh! and thankx for yall that said happy b-day to my daddy! ill make sure to pass it on!

well i guess you are wondering why does she stand up this late? well see i help my daddy with something and in return i get 10 bucks every week! yay! lol! and i always stay hyper...like late at night i don't know why...i got church tomorrow...(today?)and i realy got to go to sleep...oh i made a poem thingy? i guess....i don't know if i should put it up? maybe...im never like poemy... but i found an old notebook so i started writing...its not about me or anything...i can never put my feelings down on a sheet of paper...im just confused on what to say...LOL!

oh! i only got to visit one person yesterday..srry! its after i got on...i had to eat....then i was busy...then me and my family minus my sister...(working) went to the verizon wireless store cuz my daddy's fone isn't working but they were close and then we went to some like.....sports store for my bro...so srry! i will visit later today...cuz im pretty sure noone posted this late...expect a couple of folks..lol!

hope yall like my song! i guess im gonna have to put a playlist...wish they would do like imeem and only get the song not the whole playlist! but oh well! oh...did you see my page like half or side ways or something...enternal mini moon said it was? was it? OH! hope yall like my sailor utena! it was so kewl! oh heley said in the name of the rose i shall punish you! LOL HELEY!

well i guess this is where i say bye...oh! my poem! i almost forgot...til i looked at it! LOL! Here it is!

(its gonna be gay!)

oh....can I ever say I didn't love you?
or say care about you?
I see you everyday at school or at work...
you always pretend nothng happen between us.
Though you know something did.
It breaks my heart seeing you with other girls.
I hate being apart from you.
I didn't see you for weeks or talk to you.
I thought of you daily but your image was fading..
I thought i got over you but then I saw you...
why did you taunt me like that?
I thought we has something special but guess not.
I couldn't care less what you do now!
Because I got other boys, and you got other girls
So I guess this is where we go out separate ways..
and say good bye...but will you remember everything?
I will....

well that's it...its kinda corny...but i wrote it! i didn't steal it from anybody! and its not me....I got it from another persons life..someone close to me...

well enough! its probably long enough! LOL! here's my song and pix of the day!

song of the day:
its at the top now! the first song will be the song of the day kay!

pix of the day:
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(shippo looks so cute here!)

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