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Saturday, June 23, 2007



hiya!srry i didn't post....see yesterday was my daddy's birthday and i just had to get him something...took me forever to figure out what to get him...so yea?! oh thankx for the 15 comments last time i checked! yay! very thankful!! *bows down*

so yea...right now...its 3:01 in the morning...don't realy feel that sleepy! thank u hyperness!! LOL! but yea...everybody is asleep right now expect me and my daddy but he's not here right now..so be very quiet JOSELYN! lol!

oh me and my bro went to starkville yesterday...he had to get something from his house....and my daddy didn't want me staying home by myself....he's so awesome! oh! my bro and this totally random chick...were like racing....on the interstate....like weird?! they kept passing each other...it was funny...but at the end my bro won! yay! LOL!

do u like the small words? thought i would give it a try...since i always do big and bold...one time deal though..*smiles* well today my mama has a baby shower but i don't want to go...last time i went i was the only kid....*rolls eyes* my mama said there was going be more kids...nope only me!

well i guess that is all...time to leave a good bye and song and pix of the day...ENJOY!

song of the day:

(they sure did ask a lot of questions! ill add more later into the day! enjoy!)

pix of the day:
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(its UTENA! she's in sailor form! LOL!)

well thankies and i shall visit later if i got the time kay?!


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