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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

   hello all!


hi hi! so anyways! thankx for the 10 comments! i really am thankful of that! you rule!!! lol! so yea! oh i got my hyperness back when i post yay!!!!!!

so yea...today nothing happen...pretty same thing...everyday...oh! i stood up til 6 in the morning! talk about hyperness! i was all hyper til i sat down on my couch(sp?) and started watching jimmy neutron...(sp?) and i just fell asleep! my mama woke me up and took me to my bed...so yea...like around 4? i went to gaiaonline and play a game and meet some new friends! me and this gurl where trying to see when dawn was..lol! she lived in texas and it was the same time so yea!

oh yea! my sister yesterday like when she came home from her job got bit by a wasp! like it went up her pants leg...bit her in 5 diff. places....she's ok...but where the wasp bit her its all swollen...so yea..i got scared...!!!

well i guess that is all i shall visit after i post....like..yea! oh i didn't get to visit everybody! im srry! my bro has me on some hr thing...he sux...right now he went to the gym so i got time! yay! bye!

song of the day:

(i may get a new like song thing cuz imeem is taking all the good songs off! like they have only 30 sec. to it? wtf!!? and if u know where i can get new songs...plz tell me! enjoy though!)

pix of the day:
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( i seriously want to see this snime! to youtube!!)

well thankx for visiting and i shall visit u! bye!!


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