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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

   kinda sleeoy...


hello all! its about to be 2 oclock in the morning here in mississippi...i always stay up this late so i can watch inuyasha...though i record...just in case i fall asleep! LOL! i haven't checked how many comments i got but thankx anyways for how many i got! *winks* i thnk i might stay up to watch bleach...its only 2 i mean it starts in an hr..so yea! got to splash some water that's it! LOL!

i hope something intersiting happens to day...if not i will make something intersitng happen..so yea! i did visit everybody yesterday...so that's a plus!

i thnk im starting to lose my hyperness when i post....so sad...but yea....oh and again if u have a button plz tell me so or give it to me kay! cuz i luv ya and it will be great to have ur button here! so awesome!!

every time i see anime...i always get happy! no more if i have never seen it! i don't know why?? very strange huh? lol! oh i got this hannah montana song stuck in my head! um...this song called "nobodys perfect" i heard it today when i watching it...lol! so yea..maybe ill put it on if they have in imeem..who knows?!

well i guess this is where i shall leave you with my goodbyes and song and pix of the day so yea! TAKE CARE!

song of the day:

(wow they had it! kewl! got it stuck in my head!)

pix of the day:
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(this looks like a pretty anime...anybody know where i can watch it?)

well thankies and i shall visit when i wake up later kay!!


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