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Monday, June 18, 2007

   hey! óż!


hello all! thankx for all the 7 comments! its awesome!!! so rock on ppl!!! lol!!!

so yea...its kinda late of posting..its like 4 here in mississippi...oh...an exciting thing happen saturday! pretty sure something happen...nothing to me...well something i can't say anyways...so yea! lol! srry!

im kinda bored right now....oh! how come i comment on like....30 ppl and i only get...7 or 10? kinda weird? oh im gonnaclean out my friends list...but only in the ppl that havent posted in a while! so don't wrry for thoses who wrried! LOL!

so yea...well i guess this is where i let u go....oh now im getting addict on gaiaonline! its so kewl! i finally made my house! yay! so yea...if u have gaiaonline let me know kay! see ya!! oh! i finally know how to put a button up! yay! so if u got a button let me know kay! i only got two so far...so yea!

oh...time for song and pix of the day!

song of the day:

(mario rules! yoshi is awesome!)

pix of the day:
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thankx and hopefully i wil vist later kay!


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