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Thursday, June 14, 2007

   im happy! ish....lol!


hi hi! well im glad...thankx for all the 10 comments! very thankful cause of that! and im glad yall like my utena theme....heley has an utena theme...and i guess im like copying hers....but hers is crunkier...lol! so thankx again!!!!

well thank you all for like reading my sad post....i just hate it...it just sucks...so yea! well i woke up again at 1:30.....got to start waking up earlier! lol!!!! so yea...i almost got to everybodies site yesterday expect like 3 or 4 ppl...im srry! ill get everybody today! (hopefully!)

well im still not done with my page...im looking for some good ones....can't seem to find it...oh and does anybody know where i can watch the utena series? i want to watch it! i only saw the first episode and i want to watch the rest! boo hoo! lol!!

so how is your day going by so far?? mine is short....so yea! my bro wants to go to walmart so we can get doggi food.i have no idea what kind of dogs my dogs are....sad huh? maybe ill put up a pix of them.....if my bro ever puts in the camara thing....he's so lazy sometime....LIKE ME! lol!

well i guess that is all....hope u weren't to bored by my post...so yea! time for song and pix of the day! see ya!!

song of the day:

(the remix!!!! its so kewl!! i luv it!!!)

pix of the day:
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(awesomeness! lol!)

well thankx for reading and i shall visit later!


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