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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

   i just can't hold it in no more!


hey yall! thankx for the awesome 8 comments so kewl! luv ya! and....did u like leave me a voice comment? its kewl i have it in my myspace page...its kewl...ill think ill put it on here too but just for like a bit! so yea!

anyways i have to say something! i can't hold it in no more cuz if i do...ill go crazy..(im already a pyscho! ssh keep it on the dl) anyways kay there was this dude...in my school and i like him....and all but now i don't...but when i see him or think about him....like just random i see something and it reminds me of him...anyways we're like an on and off thing...but i don't want to be! i just want to be like single! cuz im shy...see i know what he's gonna do if i don't like write him or call him.....he gets mad and like tell me im not gonna blah blah blah til u like blah! lol! and i want to write him but since school was like so harsh on me last year i couldn't write him and also i was so scared to call him...cuz like almost everyday he will call me....but i woulnd't like pick up....cuz my mama was home...and she doesn't want me to go out with dudes...yet...so yea...and he will get mad....but the thing is....when i see him...im like whatever....but when i don't see him....im all like OMGOSH WHAT IS HE DOING RIGHT NOW! even when we weren't going out....see for a time i got over him.....but then on the first day of school last year...he just kept looking at me and the next day he asked my best friends if i still liked him...and of course they said yes...which i didn't...so yea...

well the point of all of this..is why am i so stupid and so childish....?? i mean come on do u do that? with ur boyfriend or girlfriend? if any guys read this? like in sixth grade i was like in luv with him! when dudes used to ask me out i would say no....cuz i was waiting on him.....but i didn't tell that to them...and everybody knew i liked him....kinda sad huh?? well im srry to be this on yall its just i was thinking about this when i was helping my daddy yet again....didn't get home til 4....so yea...had a lot of time to think! lol! so yea.....im a sad lil gurl......who's about to turn 15 in november...kinda long way to go...but still...I DON'T EVEN LOOK 15!!! i got a lot of problems....well not problems problems but u know what u mean...AGAIN IM SO SRRY TO BRING THIS ON YOU! i just need advice...

anyways.....i overslept and in about 5...this has gotten so far...and this is the only time i will like talk abput my feelings....cuz i usually don't talk about them...so yea...oh how u like my utena theme? its kewl...haven't finished it yet..but i will today...i hope...lol! i got alot of dots in my post today...LOL! there it is again! so see ya!!! and time for song and pix of the day! byez and loves ya!

song of the day:

(MOULIN ROUGE!! i miss this movie wish i can see it again!)

pix of the day:
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(he's sexi! lol! utena rules! i need to see the series!)

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