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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



HI HI! well thankx for all the comments yesterday!! i got 8! yay! thankx again.....THANKX!! lol! im always like hyper when i go online...weird....and kewl! so yea.....im a pyscho! lol!

so yea...i just woke up like 2 hrs ago..so yea...its like 2:05 here so i woke up like around 12..so yea....im had a good sleep! omigosh! i had such a weird dream! like i dream we like dress up my sis...to this like beautiful gurl! (not that she's not allready beautiful!) anyways and like it was prom....and this gurl kept giving her bad looks so i beat her up...like bad....i liked that part of the dream...lol! and after that...i can't remember anything else...but i like the part where i beat the crap out of that gurl...it was so funny! so yea....it was like i didn't like her or something? oh well!!

well right now im on myspace and myotaku.....im like hooked on those sites! so yea! kewl! oh do u have gaiaonline? its kewl there...but i don't know how to work it yet...kinda new to it...so yea...

oh i visited everybody yesterday first time in forever! well as u can see i don't got nothing else to say expect...OH!! THEY TOOK SHIN CHAN OFF! ARE THEY HIGH OR SOMETHING! they put in bleach...which i like but I ALSO LIKE SHIN CHAN!!! ITS SO LIKE FUNNy! WHY!!!! PORQUE!!

well that is all time for song and pix of the day..im running out of songs! lol! so if u would like to hear a song like tell me kay! oh and again if u got a button...plz give it to me kay!!! if u have 18thousand....give me the one u think is the prettiest! lol! see ya!

song of the day:

(old song...but felt like putting it here.)

pix of the day:
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(utena and the gang!)

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