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Monday, June 11, 2007

well...im back! and im going to die in 7 days...lol!


HI HI! thanks for the 10 comments on my last post which felt like i wrote it last yr! lol! so anyways thankx again!!!

well im back...and i just had to take a break from myotaku....im was becoming addict..lol! so yea! i will visit everybody today! so yay! hope i didn't miss anything!

supposly....im going to change my theme to DBZ? i don't know.... so yea....oh if u have a button! and would u plz give it to me so i can put it on my page...that would be awesome! just like pm me or something..lol!

well...i really don't got nothing to say expect... I MISS YOU GUYS! its like weird i talk to yall more than i talk to my friends like in the real world...so yea....lol! yall are special to me! yay! lol!!!

well its time for to say goodbye....but first an out of the box moment.....*sniffles*

good bye for now to you my friends....
good bye for now until we meet again....
its been great to play and sing together
in the box!
but now its time to say goodbbyyeee.....
*rubs hands,snap,clap*
good bye for now to you my friends! good bye for now until we meet againnnnnnnn!

lol! i used to love to watch that show and sing along!well byez and time for song of the day and pix of the day! see ya!!!

song of the day:

(i have been singing this song for the pass couple of days...gets on my nerves..lol!)

pix of the day:
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(so kewl! he looks curte here!)

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