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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

   i don't know what to write?!


HI HI! well thankx for all the comments...i thnk i had like 14 or 15? so kewl!!! thankx! a new record for me! hahahah! lol! but thankx anyways.... some of u said u couldn't see my post....but only like half? strange....and the second pix..was very bad...i know...and there are others like that! so srry again! *bows down*

well im bored.....yesterday i didn't go to sleep til like....2 in the morning...and when i woke up it was 12 in the afternoon....so i guess i slept good....yay! lol!

so are u going anywhere this summer? to a diff. state or something maybe? i ain't....at least i don't thnk so.... my bro wants to go swimming saturday but i don't want to go with him.....yea...he's weird....my hair is wet right now.....oh! never mind...i for got...lol!

does tht happen to you sometimes? like u want to tell someone something but then u forget? that happens to me alot! realy! im so bored right now...i would call my cousin but she's in another state with her bro...she sux....booty! lol!

well i guess that is all.....oh song and pix of the day! this time the pix will not be as dirty...i swear! oh if u have ever seen inuyasha which one you u rather see? inuyasha and sesshomaru or inuyasha and miroku or inuyasha with koga? so yea?! well see ya!

song of the day:

(i miss this song! its so kewl!)

pix of the day:
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well i shall visit later...and take care! byez!


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