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Monday, June 4, 2007

   what is the deal with the titles? why do we need them..so we can write this! hahah!


hi hi! so thankx for the 9 comments! wow! kewl! a high number agian! yay! one needed one to make ten....but yea...thankx again!

well i just ran to the living room to see if naruto was on...but then i forgot this is monday...so yea...oh! yesterday was sunday and i fell asleep and then i woke up like a hr later and i thought it was monday? so yea? so when i woke up this morning i said oh god...i miss inuyasha...but then my daddy said i thought inuyasha did come on the weekends....so i felt pretty stupid...haha!

and i did not sleep in the floor today! yay! i slept in my bed so no more backache! yay! well right now im looking at backgrounds for myspace for my friend julisa...so yea...yay! hahaha im weird....like i haven't said that enough...since my bro is not here right now! i can show some yaoi pixs! but careful...they are pretty yaoi...so yea..*smiles*

so i guess that is all...pretty bored...got nothing to do...so yea...well i guess there's not else but pix and song time! yay! so laterz!

song of the day:

(kewl j.lo!)

pix of the day:
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(not realy the one i want to show but yea.... sexi!)

well thankx! hope u have a great day! and ill visit later!



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