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Sunday, June 3, 2007

   again i like the smilin lil dude! he's so awesome!


hi hi! so yea thankx for all the comments i got 10 yay!! i thought i would get like 5 but yea! so thankx all!!! and i guess u don't like madonna too...lol! she's kewl...kewler than britney! so yea...thankx again! bob the builder! hahaha ha ha ha...ha...ha...yea

so yea...today..we went to church then went eating and shopping i got a new pair of pants! so yay for me! my sis got like 2 shirts and like a new pair of shoes...why is it called a pair of pants if its only 1 pants? like yea?

oh! my bro stoled my bed yesterday...so i had to sleep on the floor!!! in a sleeping bag!!! hahaha very funny right? i didn't go to sleep til 2 cuz i was watching the futurama thingy..so kewl! my bro right now is playing his new fifa game...he's like odessed with it! he's so gay....i swear...hahaha! he's so like....gay! hahah! srry we call each other gay so yea...ahahah its funny....

well my back hurts right now cuz of the floor but i did sleep better than i did in a bed...besides the backache...so yea...well enough of me! so how are u?!!!! i hope AWESOME! expect heley...cuz she's "crunk" hahahah! srry...im weird! well byes! and pix and song of the day!!!

song of the day:

(so awesome!)

pix of the day:
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well that is all! thanks for taking the time so read my gay thing...hahah....yea so byes!


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