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Saturday, June 2, 2007

   i like the lil devil smiling...so awesome!


HI HI! well im bored...im here with my bro! he's playing some ps2...so yea...lol! he's playing fifa(soccer) so yea...LOL! anyways....i don't know how many comments i got but thanks anyways!

im bored...its a saturday and i got nothing to do...this is my first time going on the computer today...so yea.....my bro just made a fake goal! so yea!!! lol! so yea....

i went on photobucket yesterday and i search for inuyasha pixs...(yaoi) and it was very very yaoi indeed.....it made me want to cry.....and it was nasty too...so yea....i can't put a pix of it cuz my bro is here so im not going to put up a sexi pix of them so yea...maybe later or something so yea....

well i did read some of the comments like i thnk a day ago and some of you don't like britney spears....since she went bad so yea...lol! so no more britney spears songs! i heard this song by madonna called sorry? ever heard of it..i like it its kewl! enough of me! time to let u go and be awesome! like always...but not heley...she is a meanie! lol! jk heley if u read this...hahahhahahah so yea bad!

oh song and (not the pix i want to put buat yea.) pix of the day

song of the day:

(its awesome i like it)

pix of the day:
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(here's a inuyasha and kikyo pix! so awesome!)

well that is all....srry if i don't get everybodies page...i tried my best! byes!


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