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Friday, June 1, 2007



hi! srry im like mad...well not mad mad..but yea...thanks so much for the 12!! comments yesterday! i thnk tht's my highest! yay! i haven't read them yet cuz my computer is being gay...LOL!

oh did u know today was like a happy gay day or something like that? so..HAPPY GAY DAY?! i saw that on one of my friends site...*smiles* i almost visit everybody...so yay!! well today is gay....i dream about prom...don't know why?

oh! yesterday i talked to my friend JULISA! she used to live here in mississippi but then she move cuz she was being "a hard case" with her parents...so yea...she moved to north carolina with her realy daddy...so yea! it was great talking to her! so yay!

anyways im still stuck on britney spears.....so plz forgive me if u don't like her....cuz that's today's song kay! well gots to go bye!!!

song of the day:

(awesome song!!)

pix of the day:
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(awesome and so sexi!)

well byes!


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