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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

   feeling sad....and emo and like killing myself!


HI HI!! im so glad u visited me!!! yay! lol! haha i tricked u! if u read my title...but im not sad.! well kinda but yea...! anyways...on with the post!

hello! u al know me as joselyn but did u know i was.......JOSELYN!! hahahahha...yea kinda hyper now...srry i haven't visit many sites lately...you know that chat box.....yea well inuyasha13..that's a chat room...it got me hooked! like seriously! that's why i haven't been visiting! DARN U CHAT ROOM:INUYASHA13!! its so kewl! meet me there! lol!

well right now i am in luv! with this anime called inuyasha! of course u all know that! well i just went to this site....called piczo? heard of it? and this gurl..who name on the chat box is sometimes ANGEL and HANYOU_KAGOME. i went to her site...and its like fillled up with kagome and inuyasha....then she put up a website called...i hate kikyo!!!!!!!! so sad....if yall know inuyasha who do u like.... KIKYO! or kagome

so yea....whatever enough about inuyasha! so how do u like my new bg? kewl! i like it...and its my first time doing it by my self!! so yay me! lol! and i shall visit ur sites later! and i thnk im going to stop visiting everybody...only the ppl who comment me...and i shall comment on ur post? kay! bye!!!!!!! oh and song and pix of the day!

song of the day:

i usually don't like her...but i like her songs! kewl!

pix of the day: (there's two!)
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so kewl! i copy this on hanyou_kagome srry!i like it
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and here's a wallpaper...that angel zukuro made..so cute! my next theme! why inuyasha and kikyo hate kagome! LOL! see ya!


oh p.s why don't the hearts don't work no more? weird? it shows somethng else...soo weird?! well bye bye!

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