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Thursday, May 24, 2007

   woooo NO MORE SCHOOL!!


HOWDY!! LOL! yes no more school...even though it ended like.....3 hrs ago...LOL! i have just been realy tried and didn't feel like coming on and writing my post so forgive! YES I GOT TO GO TO EVERYBODIES PAGE! WOO! well if u update later than 7 then i couldn't get to u...srry! oh and thankx for all the comments! kewl....someone yall got freaked out because of the kiss and like u part.....yea..LOL! i forgot that ws there....LOL!

anyways today was ok.....normal and short! took like 3 tests....history,science, and language.....on history i made a 88...so yay and boo! science...i made A 100!! woo go me! LOL! and language Mr.Walls didn't have time to tell us....and i guess we made bad.....every class always does bad on his test..... so that sux....and HE'S LEAVING NEXT YR!!! PORQUE! (WHY) i realy like him...he's like the kewlest teaher i have ever had! and im going to the high school with HELEY!! yay! so yea...i hope i made good on his test...*smiles*

oh here's a pix i thought i just had to share! so funny! its about kikyo and kagome...LOL!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketain't it funny!!

so what's up in ur neighborhood? i hope everything is going ok with all of u!well got to go and hang out with my cousin JADEY! she has a myotaku....its jadey...LOL! her name is jade...so yea....*wink* LOL! well byes byes! o and heres my pix of the day and also song of the day! adios!

song of the day: (had to crunk it up with some reggeatton! LOL!)


pix of the day:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
LOL! so funny right! see kagome! LOL! this is how i think it should be!! seriously! LOL! just playing but INUYASHA AND KIKYO!!

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