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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

   this is my post....not my smoking song....it ain't very long but .....LOL! srry im weird!


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hi hi! well i got like 7 comments yesterday...didn't get to read them....srry! oh i didn't get to visit anybodies page....A THOUSAND....NO MILLION SRRYS! *bows down*

well right now im at school....bored of course! and i am suppose to go home....but jade needs to call my sister GISELLE (heley...) so it will be ok for me to go home with her.....so yea...my fingers are be stupid like...like heley said yesterday! busted out laughing! anyways...have any of yall ever heard of FLIXSTER.COM ?? its all aboaut movies and stuff its pretty kewl! i like it....but myotaku and myspace are still awesomer! well i guess this is all for now...i will put up the pix of the day and song of the day later...cuz the schools computer won't let us go to "those" sites....

oh and why do they ban all the good sites? (expect myotaku of course!) im like the only one who gets on myotaku?? strange huh?? LOL! ONLY 2 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT! WOOOOOOOOO (i don't got to come back manana....cuz its 6th and 7th and i got band and choir...so no test!! ) yay! well gots to go bye!!
later today......
LOL! hi! i got picked up like at 10:30 over here in mississippi got very bored....chatting with heley right now...but bored...and....manana means tomorrow kyoskitten14....srry if i got u confused....*hugs* and as i promise! song and pix of the day!

today song...is....um...by fergie!(i haven't heard this song yet but my friend kayla told me about it so yea...kewl! bye!)
song of the day:

awesome i like it i give it a 8 out of 10!!

and todays pix is inuyasha and kikyo for the one who ask for more inuyasha and kikyo pixs! enjoy!!!
pix of the day!
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ain't it sweet! luv it!

well goood bye! take care! see ya! take care! wait i allready said that...LOL! kewl! bye!

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