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Friday, May 11, 2007

   im super sad!! (more mad!!)


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my post will be below kay!

yes as my heading said..im super sad....i got all dress up for prom and now i can't go....
1) my friend is like suppose to pick me up...but she's at the prom...
2) i don't know her cell to call her...
ain't that sad...i got all dress up for nothing! i still have my shoes on...so yea...

anyways did nobody comment on my last post so ima delete it..so yea...sadness....once again....maybe i can still go but i don't want to go by myself....yes my friends are gonna be there but....*sighs* if my "friend" realy wants me there she will call me....and tell me to come but i guess she don't want me to go so yea....whatever kayla! *stares at kayla* gwh i bet they are having a great time....which sucks by the way....

anyways! enough about "prom" well my day was gay....almost every period ppl were leaving....for PROM! SO THEY CAN GET READY!! *sobs* *sniffles* srry...so sad though i hope if any of ya'll got proms coming i hope ya'll get someone to go with. me and my bff were planning this out seem last yr! but no...she had to move to north carolina....whatever! no biggie i just stay here and be bored and thnk wht they are doing....(probably f***ing! it's in roosevelt park...and its near some woods...) so yea...what ever well here's my pix of the day and song! bye.

song of the day:

good song to express my mood...yea!

pix of the day:
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(oh by the way this is not me some gurl off photobucket....feel like doing that to kayla.....*smiles*)

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