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Thursday, May 10, 2007

   im sad!!!


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well im bored....its 11:30 right now and i went shopping for my prom dress and it sucked we got there to late and prom is like friday.....i don't thnk im go anymore....don't know why.....i rather just stay and be bored instead of partying with my friends at a park.....MAN I WANT TO GO!! (srry for my whining!) if i don't find a dress by manana i ain't going.....gwh!!!! why am i so.....whatever...

well my day is gay....my voice is breaking off.....so i can barely talk....that sucks....and also my friend who used to be here but then she move to north carolina is coming back for the summer which is great! and not great......don't know why im like that....i want her here but then i don't....why? these are the questions that haunt me....seriously...! LOL!

well supposely today was the band pictures which also suck cuz i left school early (yay!) and we had pictures 7th....which sucks! i wasn't there i was hoping it was next week but i guess i didn't hear him right....tht sucks...im almost using sucks in early sentence....notice that??? weird? oh for now on im not gonna say weird im say strange kay!!! (yay) strange....LOL! *smiles*

well i gots to go ya know getting late and crap...so yea oh pix of the day and song!!!

song of the day:

i kept like singing this the whole day?? strange.....LOL!

pix of the day:
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awww kikyo and inuyasha are so cute together....why won't kagome leave them alone??? strange...LOL!

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