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Monday, May 7, 2007

   i got TAGGED! yay and now ur it!


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My post will be below my poll! kay!
well yes it is true i got tagged yet agian! boo hoo! naw im just playing!

time for my six random facts!

1)im still scared of the dark!
2)i was born in peru so im peruvian..yay!
3)i used to think barney was the kewlest person ever! now he's just gay.....
4)im the youngest of my family.....1 older bro and 1 older sis.
5)i think u should like......whoever u like....
6)im a gurl!!! LOL! no i have more frinds in myotaku then in real "life"

ok....those were my six facts and now who can i tag??? who shall be the next victims? is that spelled right? oh well! mwhahah ok i choose! Angel Leila, Cucumber Melon, Darkwolfprincess, Inuyasha 939, NightMar3, and Sango87

mwhahaha now u have to tell 6 random facts about urslef! HAHA! LOL! well tht is all....good bye! oh and take care!

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