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Sunday, May 6, 2007



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My post will be below my poll! kay!
hi yall! im bored i want to see blood+ but my father want to see his fubu....gwh! don't he knows i need my anime! gwh! LOL! and thankx for all for tellin me im not stupid cuz i couldn't do my cousin's page....thank you...oh and if u want u can add her her myotaku name is jadey....and her name is jade!

anyways it's 11:57 and i guess it's to late to see blood+ which sucks and who saw bleach! poor renji....so sad and renkia? is that how u spell it? confused on that too...and he realy loves her huh? so sad...but cute!

oh my ear is better im glad...cuz it freaked me out!!!! seriously? and for now on im lock all the doors just in case that dude comes back...so yea...LOL!

so my sister's and heley's prom was friday and so far heley's nite was ruined b'c her bf came from lake and the popos kicked him out of the prom which sucked bad! poor heley...pm her and let her know that police are mean! or let me put it in her words....FUCKING DYKES! lol!

My day was ok but everywhere i went i heard about the spider-man 3 moive which i want to see so bad! i guess cuz i like the evil spider man so much...yea....that's it...LOL! oh angel zukuro says i talk or....write like her friend which is kewl.....i thought i was weird cuz i talk or write like this and know i know im not alone! so YAY! lol...am i weird? my friends call me weird but i don't thnk i am....oh well!

well i gots to go so se.....oh! so far in my poll InuYasha is winnig so yipee! the poll will only be open til friday so vote! tht's if u haven't yet...yea...LOL!

oh gots a couple questions:
1)how old are you?
2)is ur name bob? (lol)
3)do u have a bob in ur family? (lol)

here's my song of the day and pix kay!!
song of the day:

pix of the day:
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it looks like he wants to kill her because she be telling him to sit....and plus he don't want to be confused no more with her and kikyo so KILL KAGOME! *smiles evil like*

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