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Friday, May 4, 2007

   im confused? LOL! no im not! jp!


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heya! well right now im at home..i didn't go to school! YAY ME! so i won't say what happen but im pretty sure at school right now is gay like always...LOL!*smiles* well im was listening to party join us(the theme song for shin chan well the end theme song!) now im listen to panic! at the disco! tables....sometihng it's so long to say! LOL!

well im bored im home alone...oh! like at 1....some lil (srry to say this but)black kid came to my house! and he like tried to get in....OMGosh! i was so scared even through he was small...i was still scared and i told my mom when she came for her break and she like said did he have a gray sweater? and im like yea...she said yea he's been waling around and i thnk he was comeing close to the house then when i came he walked the other way...so scary! *praying*

anyways on my poll inuyasha and bleach are tied again...weird like one day one of the other is winning then the next day their tied again....weird? LOL! well there's only a week left so if u haven't voted...plz vote cuz im pretty confused on what to do my new theme....ppl what me to do utena and i only saw it once and i fell in love but it wasn't a real episode my freind heley showed me this maybe i can put it on? yea i thnk i will...

oh! i had a very strange dream...i had a dream my daddy picked me up from school then my princepal(know it ain't spell right) Mrs. Walker was at the gym....near my house? but there's no gym near my house....there's one near Fred's and i live like right in front of Fred's....LOL! so yea there is a gym close by still...LOL! im weird huh? yea i know...LOL! anyways and she just kept saying hey! im like if i pretend i don't see her maybe i don't have to wave....see everybody hates her....she took away like red ribbon wk and and like last yr when our old principal let us do all those tings then she came

OMGosh! ok lkie early in the yr i had this weird ear thingy and so we went to the doctor so he can check it and he said he can like take it out(it smelled so bad!) so he did and like recently like on friday it started bothering so i told my mama and she told me to take that pill he gave me and this cream and it just like kept getting worser and then my daddy (i guess) got scared so he called the ppl and he like shecdule a early appointment and like my daddy said it looks like it's ready to burst and it did and now im scared *cries* *sniffles* and it hurts so much it like started to bleed and i didn't feel it and then when my sister came she's like what's up with ur ear? i thought she was talking about how red it was and she's like no its bleeding and pus is like coming out so i called my daddy and he like cleaned it up for me...and im scared....

im home alone again my sister just went to go get her hair done for her prom and my daddy took her to the he & she place and he has to go back to work and he told me to go to my mama's room and just stay there....so i guess ill be back on kay! bye!

oh and here's my pix of the day and song and that vid i was talkin about bye!

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and here that vid i was talking about!:


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