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Thursday, May 3, 2007

   ello to all!


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well...im bored....like always i just got on and i thought HEY! im write a post...so here i am...writing a post now what...oh! ima tell u about my day!

well today was gay....like always....ya know! oh we finally got finish with our mct test...but the bad thing is that we have a another one coming like in 1 or 2 wks....and it's called.....*SCARY MUSIC* MCT 2!!! scary huh? i already hod enough test! im through! LOL!

oh how did u like my pix and song yesterday? kewl huh? well oh yea! if anybody knows how to make buttons and wallpapers and everything else plz tell me! i would like to do one....it will be kewl! i like making things (even though im not good at it) LOL!

anyways back to my day....like i said it was gay and i left early so i realy don't know what happen after i left so yea.....oh yesterday these two boys in high school got in to it! oh how did i see it if im in eighth grade...well im still in middle school and i have band 7th so...yea im in HIGH SCHOOL BAND! yay for me! it was so funny! but kinda scary too...but funny! this dude ran to him and the other one knocked him to the ground oh did i say this was after school like in the parking lot....(where it had rocks?) yea so gwh it was horrible...seriously!

well our choir concert is like in may something and we are dancing and whatever we're not suppose to do that only high school choir does that...oh well im not gonna be in choir next yr so...it's all good...LOL!

well again here's my song and pix of the day and so far in my poll bleach is winning so yay! yesterday it was inuyasha but now bleach so vote if u haven't vote! bye!
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