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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   im sleepy and it's only 9:50 over here in mississippi!


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hi! im bored....i have yet another day of mct tomorrow and it's the last one but the bad thing it's math and i hate math...math suck.....bad! im talking like a caveman....weird huh?

thankx for all the 5 post ppl....LOL! no but serious thankx!vegeta dude srry dbz ain't winning but maybe next time it will be my new theme!and angel zukuro thankx my friend is alot better she told me what to do from now on...so i won't get freak out no more....i talk like ur friend? KEWL! LOL! i don't know why i tlak like this...i just do...cuz im weird like that..is she on myotaku...?
kakashifangurl yea i know i was freaked out!so scared i thought she was gonna pass out! darkfaerie yea it's a good thing but i don't know what he calls me so..what do i do..weird? and kyokitten14*laughs* yes i do live in mississippi so i went to ur site and u had mct too....in what part do u live in? i live in a STUPID town named morton...gay...i swear..LOL

oh i stayed up to watch inuyasha and it was by far my fav. episode! it was about inuyasha and kikyo and now i get it...so YAY! and i missed shin chan! i luv that shw it's so cute and nasty....weird...im like that....but im not nasty!!! LOL!

well i haven't done this in a while but here's my pic of the day and song of the day and if u like message me srry i didn't know my inbox was full im like why isn't anybosy writing me back? then BAM! i chechked my inbox...im so weird

well gots to go and here's my pix and song!
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song:by me! of course!

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