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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

   ello wuvs!


hi srry guys i had to do another one it wasn't....doing it right...wel here it is...VOTE!
srry i had to do another one:

Get your own Poll!

My post will be below my poll! kay!
hey! i haven't wrote cuz i don't want my poll to go away...so yea...so far InuYasha is winning by like...6 votes...yea so if u don't vote i don't know what to put as my theme!

oh...today was ok i mean we had MCT test today and it was gay....seriously! LOL! tomorrow we have language? i think i don't know??

but i didn't get to talk to "him" oh my other crush was here today from the bad school...and he looked FINE! when he first came here he was like "hey baby" "hey baby, why didn't u call me last nite?" I got freaked out! but we like talk ever now and then and everything and like i realize i like him like the last day before we got out for chirstmas holidays....so boo hoo and he said he didn't like that gurl!(which he almost got everybody killed for) and it got me mad but whateva!

LOL! so how was ur day? agian mine gay...oh! one of my friends....miss emo dyking? LOL! yea i was just playing when i said that she ain't in myotaku but she is on myspace and tagged i think....anyways she had a panic attack! i thought she was just laughing but then she started crying and i got so scared..! she was like Joselyn help me! i can't breathe! i have no idea what to do and it FREAKED me out so bad! well that is all for today! talk to ya'll manana! bye!

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