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Sunday, April 29, 2007

   hello to all!


hi! well im bored have nothing to do expect write...oh my poll! will be open for 2wks...yes and so far Bleach is winning...vote! unless u have already....yea...well my sister just went to work and my daddy went to church..i couldn't go cuz of my eye...darn u eye...LOL! yea well i have been bored latley and.....SCHOOL'S ALMOST OUT! YAY! SCHOOL IS LIKE OUT IN...25 days! yay! i can watch all the anime i want! go me! LOL!

well prom is like 12 DAYS AWAY! omgosh! i have to get ready heley's and my sister prom is this friday and ours next friday..exciting huh? have ya'll been to prom? i haven't....so yea...but we gonna get crunk and stuff LOL! oh yea lately i have been writing long post but not long long know....well i guess ill let u go..bye! pm me if u want to talk kay! bye!
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