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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

   im at school again!...*pouts*


heya! thankx for all the wonderful comments on my last post....wuv ya all! and im bored and my teach is making us to this typing thnigy but i don't want to...sucks no....yea...but the upside my crush is in here so yay! and my friends...oh and i have decided......im GOING TO PROM!!!^_^!! YAY! at first i wasn't but then im like what the heck....now i have to make my cousin come and buy a ticket which is $15 so it's all good and it's next friday so yea....may the 11th so i have TO SEARCH FOR A DRESS! BYE YALL and ill visit ur sites later cuz the bell is about to ring..so yea..bye!♥Joselyn!

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