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Monday, April 23, 2007



ello! my wieners are so kewl! LOL! all of yall who read this are my weiners! yay! LOL! winners...kay! so anyways today was k i guess....oh in 2nd period i got on but then my computer discovery teacher turn off the internet so i couldn't post anything...basterd...LOL! not really but yea...we had to shw our presentations for what we wanted to be and i got so shy!embarrassment!! so anywho we didn't get done today but tomorrow we will...oh i met some kewl ppl yesterday! (on myotaku) and they are very kewl! Sayoko or known on myotaku as KratosLover101 she's very kewl! visit her! well i guess that is all and tomorrow i will be on again i always come on....weird huh?LOL im just like that! hasta manana! ♥Joselyn

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