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Friday, April 20, 2007

   im at school!


hello! im bored and yes im at school and right now we're in 2nd period very boring but we get to go to the internet so its all good! oh i got over my crush! yay me! i have decided to leave him alone so i can frolick? (don't know how to spell that!) with other boys! sad but kewl! anyways i thnk we're about to take our pixs so i guess ill be back on when i go to the house! yay!

hey yall! this is a new one which i am writing at 10:25 i lied my crush came back cuz he started to talk to me at the end of the period and i took my pix! yay!i think i came out ugly...d/k!my freind the one miss dyking emo..yea she brought her camara at school (which i forgot to bring mine!*pissed off* and she told the teacher to take a pix of the whole class so we did and i was like right in front of him so like yea...i was across my ex boy and he like kept touching me and i kept hitting him! basterd! anyways i guess it's kinda bad and good that i like him bt hey whatcha gonna do? well i gots to go bye!

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