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Thursday, April 26, 2007

   ello wuvs! LOL!


well im at school again...why must it be a everyday thing? why not just on friday and only for like 24 minutes? why? LOL! well of course im in computer discovery and he is making us do the microtype thing it is quite fun! LOL!i still haven't gotten my ticket for prom and if i don't no prom! so got to get that money...and dress! again my crush is here but haven't said anything cuz he ain't here! LOL! no yes he is here...yay! well i got to go and do that mircotype thingy kay! bye!!! and im...oh have anybody seen shin chan! i wuv that show! its so nasty but funny! LOL!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

   im at school again!...*pouts*


heya! thankx for all the wonderful comments on my last post....wuv ya all! and im bored and my teach is making us to this typing thnigy but i don't want to...sucks no....yea...but the upside my crush is in here so yay! and my friends...oh and i have decided......im GOING TO PROM!!!^_^!! YAY! at first i wasn't but then im like what the heck....now i have to make my cousin come and buy a ticket which is $15 so it's all good and it's next friday so yea....may the 11th so i have TO SEARCH FOR A DRESS! BYE YALL and ill visit ur sites later cuz the bell is about to ring..so yea..bye!♥Joselyn!

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Monday, April 23, 2007



ello! my wieners are so kewl! LOL! all of yall who read this are my weiners! yay! LOL! winners...kay! so anyways today was k i guess....oh in 2nd period i got on but then my computer discovery teacher turn off the internet so i couldn't post anything...basterd...LOL! not really but yea...we had to shw our presentations for what we wanted to be and i got so shy!embarrassment!! so anywho we didn't get done today but tomorrow we will...oh i met some kewl ppl yesterday! (on myotaku) and they are very kewl! Sayoko or known on myotaku as KratosLover101 she's very kewl! visit her! well i guess that is all and tomorrow i will be on again i always come on....weird huh?LOL im just like that! hasta manana! ♥Joselyn

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

   googly bloggly! LOL!


heya! ok for some strange reason...i can't commment on any of my friends posts? y? very strange! anyways yesterday i was very sad...until SHRED...told me i could watch adultswim on the weekends! which is news to me....yea...THANKX SHRED! UR A LIFESAVOR! so i watch beach yesterday which was a new episode so YAy! *happy dance* and i saw part of blood+ i only saw part cuz i fell asleep..stupid me! anyways don't want to go to school tomorrow cuz we have to wear uniforms which suck! welll that is all for now good bye and i have a few questions? kay! here it goes....
1)what is ur fav. anime?
2)do you have a myspace?

my answers to them...
1)inuyasha and bleach( i know i just saw it but hey! i like it!)
2)yes i do it's www.myspace.com/inuyashagurl92 yay!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥!♥

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Friday, April 20, 2007

   im at school!


hello! im bored and yes im at school and right now we're in 2nd period very boring but we get to go to the internet so its all good! oh i got over my crush! yay me! i have decided to leave him alone so i can frolick? (don't know how to spell that!) with other boys! sad but kewl! anyways i thnk we're about to take our pixs so i guess ill be back on when i go to the house! yay!

hey yall! this is a new one which i am writing at 10:25 i lied my crush came back cuz he started to talk to me at the end of the period and i took my pix! yay!i think i came out ugly...d/k!my freind the one miss dyking emo..yea she brought her camara at school (which i forgot to bring mine!*pissed off* and she told the teacher to take a pix of the whole class so we did and i was like right in front of him so like yea...i was across my ex boy and he like kept touching me and i kept hitting him! basterd! anyways i guess it's kinda bad and good that i like him bt hey whatcha gonna do? well i gots to go bye!

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

   mothaf*ckin jigglin'! LOL!


heya! today kinda sucked! my crush came back after missing like a day and he had a brace looking thingy on his knee...and instead of going to me for candya n gum he went to my friend...miss dykin emo! my bad..im jux mad that's it! but yea he didn't say anything to me and i don't think he likes me cuz i mean who would oh we are taking pixs tomorrow for school and we get to wear normal clothes! YAY!! no uniforms! i hate the uniforms! supposely my daddy and mama is gonna take me shopping for my cltohes today if they can hurry up!!! well i gots to go bye! ¢¾Joselyn aka Lil bit

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

   about my page?????????


heya! so how was everybodies day!? i hope good i can't handle if someone had a bad day! i jux got back from the tennis game and sonic (that was a good sundae!)neways straying away from the topic!! so anyways i am getting tried of seeing that sailor moon but i think i might just leave for a couple of more weeks but if i do change it? WHAT SHOULD BE MY NEW THEME???? PLZ GET BACK WITH ME ON THIS!!! COMMENT!!! COMMENT!!!¢¨úJoselyn aka Lil bits

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Monday, April 16, 2007

   hello to all!


yay its MONDAY? that's bad and good cuz since its monday we have school for 4 more days! boo hoo! and good cuz something i don't know and today was good and boring heley got me a inuyasha pillow case which is awesome! i luv it! maybe ill put a pix of it later who "noses" LOL!!! well i got to go cuz my daddy has to use the computer! bye!!!¢¨úJoselyn aka lil bits

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Sunday, April 15, 2007



hey all! i have a bellyache! it hurts! ow! anyways im bored we still at my bro house and my friend heley said she got me something from hot topic and i will die! she said its not jewelry and its a thing and its anime? uhh??????? she said i better start my will..so this is my will....LOL! im listening to music right now and bored so i gots to go and JOGA BONITIO!!! LOL!!¢¾Joselyn

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's another b-day!


hiya! yes...its true today is my bro's b-day! and jux a couple days of ago it was my moms so yea right now we at his house and i think he said we going to see a movie!!, yay i hope its 300 again! lol! well i guess ill go and let ya go back to ur lives u do't want to hear aobut my problems cuz today is a happy! so i have no problems but tomorrow is a nother day to have problems!!! yay!!!! bye! ♥Joselyn!

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