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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Give me a break?
Yeah... I got a break all right... > >

So I woke up this morning feeling terribly sleepy. It was still a bit early, I decided to drink coffee while I eat breakfast. I usually don't drink coffee in the morning. As I was saying, I was sleepy, and it seems I was in auto-mode. You know, that semi-conscious state where you walk around half-awake... As I went to grab the sugar and add more sugar to my drink... Crash! I was awoken faster than a strong coffee could. I looked at my right hand and the sugar cover was left and sugar and glass shards were all over the place. O_O

Yeah... auto-mode can be dangerous sometimes. And I'll make sure to add a new command to myself... Always grab things with both hands when feeling terribly sleepy.

Also, as I was about to ride the bus (early for a change...) I noticed that I also forgot to grab a handkerchief... Wonderful. Good thing I got some tissues in the office... But still it ain't the same. Specially since I have been sneezing a storm up lately. *sigh*

I hope I live through this day, eh?

Also, classes start tomorrow. I got a class in the morning and in the late afternoon on Saturdays, and one on early Sunday afternoon. It's not a bad schedule. I just need to condition myself to keep awake for the three hours that my classes are running and pay attention. Hahaha...

I have also been terribly distracted by instructables.com. It got a lot of interesting stuff... some are pretty easy to make, some are too technical (like making a handheld out of your old NES). There are some that are too silly or useless but fun, but some are 'meh, that's not special...'. I'm trying to see if I can find something to make... So far, nothing... hahaha... Oh, I did find an easy to make self-watering plant pot made of water bottles, too. Although I haven't checked how easy or difficult it is, but if you're interested in making your own Portal Gun, there's one over here. ^_~ I don't think you can use it to teleport yourself somewhere, though...

Well, see you around...

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