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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surfing down memory lane
I discovered my old website with the help of google. It was more of an accidental discovery as I tried searching for my current site.

The front page was shown, but the links no longer worked. Since I remembered my account name, I logged in angelfire once more and took a look at my files.

Man, they sure were ugly. It sent shivers down my spine looking at them. I compared my previous versions to my current one, and it was no match. I guess I improved eh? Too bad I can't go for a fully paid domain. I got no money to fund it. It would be awesome if I could create a site that could live on ads, if not member support, like this one we are all using. But portfolio and personal blog sites seldom reap in amounts...

I also remembered the URL for one of my friend's website. He was my main influence for web design then. We used to have angelfire accounts back in the day, before they decided to bomb every HTML file you got with loads of ads... Man, our designs back then were silly - not only that but the contents. I was laughing. It was fun.

Too bad I can't remember the other sites that we made. Projects were seldom linked to each other, you know?

Anyway, back to my topic, I now clearly remembered that my first website was not the one that I had remembered. My first functional site was not uploaded. I edited it a lot, and when I was satisfied, my first version was uploaded.

I wonder if kids these days still have the urge to create their own site outside of these community sites? Have you ever tried making your own site?

Ah, memories...

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