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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lets sum it up
Hello everyone.

I was not able to post yesterday, due to some work that needed to be done. Well, let's do a little recap of the weekend.

It was neither too good, nor too bad. Although the bad stuff was the one that remained in me...

I decided to go ahead and buy the 2 available Beck manga volumes at the bookstore. Problem was - there was none to be found. D: Guess I'll have to wait for them to re-stock or something...

Also, I was about to enroll last Saturday for the next semester of classes. I was, at first, relieved to see that almost all the subjects that I needed were available. When I went in the office, I was disappointed to find out that there had been some changes (due to a change in the Dean), and I ended up with no classes available. I am hoping I'll be able to sort this one out soon. One of my classmates also have the same problem, and decided to talk with the dean regarding the schedule. I also asked her if she could include my problem - that is, open some of my subjects!

In other news, I pimped up my MAL list, both the Anime and Manga list. I took some code from those that have modified their lists, studied them, and modified them to my liking.

I also will be giving a copy of Gurren Lagann to a friend of mine. I have a feeling he'll like it. Hey, got to spread the awesomeness, right? :D

See you around!

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