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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give that worm some bullet holes!
Hello everyone!

Yeah, I got a lot of accomplishment from my middle-of-the-week vacation... [/sarcasm]

Basically, got some anime and games, plus some sleeping placed in my spare time. Though I woke up this morning feeling really sleepy and tired. It was like I was in auto-mode. I could have sworn I would have ended up face-planting myself on my breakfast from the drowsiness... (and now I remember that scene from One Piece where Ace fell face-first on his plate...)

I also managed to finish Lucky Star.

Now then, I got the idea to make a Graphic Worm, so here it is! My latest entry after a few months...

"Squeak softly and carry a big boomstick"

Sorry, I can't remember who gave that caption from the caption battle... XD

See you around!

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