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Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi, youll probably be saying, who the heck are you?.. Sorry i havent been on much, but I just feel that I should drop by and say hello, if you people havent forgotten me. And for the people that do comment, I sincerely thank you for it. And the people who dont.. I guess its understandable since I did ditch Otaku for so long...

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hey everyone its me Chrissie *BlueAngel4* I convinced Joe to lemme play with his site, so I hope you all like the changes... It took a while for me to get it this way so enjoy...

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hey everyone, you know its been like 4ever since I posted a drawing, so I just posted one right now, for Felix, Im really sorry I took a long time, and I still have more to go T_T... Click here to see. ^_^, YAY. I hope everyone can check it out, if you like it, of course, which you dont T_T.. I mean ^_^. So oh yeah I change my theme back to Naruto, I know I notice how off everything is, I cant make it good so Im sorry about that, I got stuck with him again, hes soo awesome, no, Im not talking about Sasuke too, I just had him because.... they make a good pair ^_~. Oh and heres a drawing here taht I just drew, this is my first doing chibi, well, I think its chibi but I think its cute ^_^, Well Im off to explore the wonders of sites, take care everyone..

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hello Everyone, I guess you pobably all guess that it is Christmas. Yeah my christmas was alright. Only part I like is giving than receiving ^_^, I wonder what you all gotten?? I know everyone is spending their time with their gifts and family, while me just sit in the dark and imagine it all, lol, ok maybe not, but close, lol. Well you can see that I change my theme to HITSUGAYA the HOTTEST.. I mean.. the coolest guy ever from Bleach XP. Well anyways I told that I would be posting a drawing but..... I didnt have time coloring or anything else.. BUT! I do show you my first ok manga (read left to right ^^") I made, its really short and its my awesome main character JAOTA!! if you like it, ill TRY to make the 2nd part when I do my next post. Well HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS, TAKE CARE!! ^o^

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


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Heh ^__^ Hi! Im oolilical04loo and Im doing another "invasion" on Joes site,Hopeya like the theme Im still in doubt about that mah..Stop talking bulshits.Hmm...Im waiting his aprovation X/ and..dont have much to say o-o so,stop by my site sometime XD~~ ahehehhe kidding,seeya guyz _o/*

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Hey everyone...Its BlueAngel4 here...I did the new theme for my bestest babe Joe...He's been really really busy workin` and I told him I would re-do his theme so here you all have it...I hope you guys like it as much as I do...

Well I dont know what else to say so I guess Ill leave it at that...
Have a great day everyone...^_^

Hello everyone, really big thanks to BlueAngel4 *hug* for making this ^o^. Well Im really sorry that I havent post in a while and need more time drawing now, because I really need to draw something for you guys. SO itll be something to do with x-mas, so I hope that everyone wont hate me if it looks ugly -_-".

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

LOL!! I know what is everyone thinking "Am I in the right site?" yes yes its mine, this site look like if a girl did it but I like how it turn out in a way. ITS REI!! *hugs* well today Im sorry that I havent sent any new drawings, still trying to get my skills back. probably til Christmas or sooner. And also Im working on thanksgiving YAY, I mean... booooo, but the good thing about it that Im getting double pay for that, well it wouldnt make a difference since theirs nothing special (at least for me), dont know why but I dont really like any holidays that much, not like I use too ^_^. well thats all and heres a pic of Rei that I DIDNT DRAW, that wish that I did but I have no talent T_T.. take care =^_^=

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hey again, Im sorry I forgot about visiting some of your sites few days, ive been too busy with work. but anyways I change my theme to Bleach, the music is in that youtube thingy, cant find the bg music for it T_T, Im starting to get into that show, its AWESOME!! My next theme will probably be....dang I forgot, will have to wait. Will if you have any request Ill do it, Ill be glad to draw you something. But it will take awhile since I got others waiting, for too long, sorry princess for the wait. you might be next *cough cough* lol. kidding. But I sux at drawing just to let you know, it gotten a lot worst T_T... *crumble paper*

And oh yeah I finish coloring this drawing. and heres a step on what I do and Ill be posting my finished one later soon. I hope you can check it out, if you like it of course.. If you, *probably will* hate it, than be easy on me, Im a sensitive guy, lol.. Well Im off to visit everyone, take care. NARUTO!!!!!!!!!! NARUTO!!!


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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hello,, how is everyone. Im sorry that I havent submit any drawings recently, I was just in a off mood or something or still lost of my skills. So everyone can see that my site have change to *drum roll* SAIKANO, its about two couples and Chise (Shuji's gf) is a weapon and her job was too destroy everyone, its a cute love story ^_^", its one of my favorite anime. I cant find the song for it T_T. I gonna keep changing avatars bc SOMEONE *point fingers* is trying to kill me, lol, kidding. Well this avatar is the most saddest scene and favorite in Saikano. Next week theme will be Bleach, since Im having a liking in that show ^_^. I dont know when Ill be submitting more drawings, well heres a sketch of Naruto petting a puppy, everyone of my sketch I draw, of Naruto, has a different style, so if you dont like it than you can throw watermelons at me T_T. And I change my music, can you guess what it is??........ WRONG!! its DNAngel, lol. Always like hearing it in the opening of the show. Well hope everyone is alright and Im off, take care.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Hey, hello everyone, how are you?? Its finally my day off and Im soo tired and I get a day off at Saturday, YAY! Well you may notice that my site is quiet bc theirs no music on. Seems like SOMEONE, aint pointing no fingers, think its getting annoying, BAKA!! =^_^=. Today is a day to post my unworthy drawings.. Well heres a sketch I did, doesnt look much but the color one looks a lot better. Heres the LINK NARUTO!!.. And also I'll be just posting another one tomorrow for themusicdied, YAY. ANd I have so many request, that I need to
color, so itll take 4EVER. And when I finish all that, Ill be opening for anymore request that I can do for anyone, since I luv you all =^_^=... Soooo Ill be going and enjoy myself going to your site, take care..

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