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Monday, February 25, 2008

still alive
whoops, kinda forgot about this. well everyone im still here. more or less settled in in harbin. classes dont start til next monday, so were still on vacation.

man, my big adventure so far was loosing my passport and wallet on the night-train. when we went back for it, it was gone. i was all ready to go to the nearest consulate to apply for a new one when someone found it and turned it in. so i got it back! *happy*

ok, ill share some pictures with you guys.
Tiananmen - the gate in tiananmen square
Forbidden City - part of the forbidden city (aka imperial palace)
Imperial Garden - more forbidden city
Snow Soldier - snow sculpture
Snow Palace - complete with slides!
Snow Hair - this thing is longer than a football field.
Snow Man - didnt expect that, did ya?
Ice Gate - ice festival!
I has a snow fox! - whatever, you can have one picture of me being cold.
Eiffel State Building - eiffel tower or empire state building? dunno.
Ice City - amazing, hm?

ive never seen anything like it. amazing. anyway, thats the big stuff for now. enjoy!


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